Porras de Rata



Rose Marjalino


A star not shine, Am wondering why

I am much worried, I want to cry

Want to call, at least say HI!

But I resist, I feel timid ­.


Did I do wrong?, I do not know

Anything haven’t seen, even it’s shadow

This time I doubt, I cannot follow

The rays of my star, that are quite shallow.


A star of mine, from million miles

I kept in my dream, hoping it’s nice

Watching the sky, he’s on my eyes

It’s on my heart, can never disguise.


Everyone may say, I am stupid

To love a star, that never been vivid

I know at start, impossible indeed

But I trusted God, he has a lot of cupid.


For my dear STAR, my thought are yours

You know my love, only all  yours

But I know it’s over, and becoming worse

I’ll have to suppress it, in full endeavor


I am a model, according to women

Because I am strong, never keep on fallin’

In the mid of hardship, I keep on movin’

Never hate life but positive thinkin’


Maybe they are right, that is what they see

Nobody knows, it’s never been easy

To keep up straight, this life of  misery

Only God knows, I am pretending in front of many




Composer: Ma. Rose Marjalino


For all these years, I slept, don’t want to wake up

Even in the sky, I don’t want to look up

To watch the stars, even the moon on top

For me there’s nothing, but all are props.


The morning comes, a cloudy sky

Nothing to see, the birds that fly

Nothing can feel, a heart that cry

Life has no value, no need to fight


One day I noticed, I made to rise

To teach myself, how to be wise

To learn to compete and how to survive

In this world of fools, and full of sacrifice.


Along the way, I closed my heart

I closed my eyes, and even doors

I made to sure, I’m always apart

From all of them ,I considered tart


I’ll rather sleep than to go out

I’ll rather work, than to chat out

For me better chances will just come out

If God provides, HE will call me out


In the month of the hearts, what a surprise

A wonderful sun, made to rise

In front of me, a beautiful eyes

I know my heart  never lies


I don’t want to get up, if it is a dream

I want to deny, but I know I care

All of the sudden ,the feeling is there

I can’t explain, what this really mean


A dream I wish, it should not end

At least a face beyond the wind

It is not clear, but still I claim

Beyond those clouds, I have a friend


I know in time, this might be ended

But for me, a moment to be treasured

I’ll never forget, the happiness we shared

I know in my heart, Love can never be denied



“ I am inspired by a special person close to my heart, when the time I did it  between my 15 minutes coffee break in the office”


Vince March Naz Porras